Ryan Jarzembowski

92 Dodge Dakota

"I'm on a budget and I have to shake down this car before the winter hits."

With some creative scheduling and some on-demand customer support, the Duster hit the road in October... well before the plow trucks made their rounds.

The 1970 Duster was already a 340 powered 4 spd car with 3.91 gears. Large torsion bars, sway bars and some low profile 245/45/17 keep it glued to the road. We are still waiting to get the results back from the l, but it is rumored that the flat black paint absorbs all potential radar from the highway patrol. The only thing missing was the drivability and fuel economy of a 5th gear.

With old man winter on the inevitable prowl, we expedited the shipment of the transmission, cross member and bell housing. Ryan gave us a pretty accurate time line of when he planed on working on the car. Since our own projects often carry over into the weekends, we simply said "Call us when ever you need… we’ll keep you on the right track." Two rings on Saturday and a follow up on Sunday had the Duster back roaming the streets in record time.