Rob May

70 Dodge Challenger

Rob found us on one of the Challenger forums and emailed us almost immediately. His goal has been to transform his 1970 Challenger into a pro touring monster... just like Rob himself. We have supplied an upgraded TKO 600 transmission in his kit, to suit his needs and handle the power he is making. We have also been helping him build a suspension and brake package to help keep him on track... literally.

Honestly, we’re a bit concerned that Rob is going to get us all arrested for crimes against lesser brands. The video earned Rob a police escort out of a town named "Dodgeville" while on tour. Apparently the officer had been dropped into one of those Grey Crown Victorias at an early age.

Keep the tires churning Rob. We have set aside a small portion of the company withholdings to help with your bail should you find yourself in need!