Tom Filbert

98 Dodge Dakota

"Hey guys, I really want to put a TKO in my Dakota, but nobody has been able to help out."

Project Details

Tom Filbert. came to us with a plan of stuffing a 383 into his 98 Dakota. As luck would have it, Tom was building his truck in nearby Dayton, Ohio at the time. Not only did he purchase one of our Dakota kits, but he also let us crawl over his 73 "Blues Cuda" to develop our E-body kit

With any custom car build, the Dakota was not without its challenges. Tom stuck with us and within a couple of months we were on the right track. Check out the videos posted on YouTube by Tom and the Red Rocket. For legal reasons we're not allowed to endorses such a rigorous test of our kits; sure is fun to watch though. Glad this finally came together for you Tom.... nice truck!