TJ Goettner

92 Dodge Dakota

"Hey guys, I really want to put a TKO in my Dakota, but nobody has been able to help out."

Project Details

  • 440
  • 3.73 gear
  • G^e TKO Kit

There was already quite a history between the black 92 Dakota and its owner. Adding to this success story only seamed right. T.J. converted the truck from a 4 x 4 to a 2 x 4, strapped a Vortech supercharger to the fresh 318, fed it with a custom fuel and ignition system and bolted our TKO kit to get the power down to the pavement.

The pictures posted here really don't do this truck justice. Very sharp project we are proud to be a part of. The video truly illustrates one thing: Dakota guys LOVE burn-outs! Well-done T.J.! Keep us posted on the 408 install.